Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Miss Patel and Mrs Chauhan are looking forward to working with you and your family as you begin your learning journey in KS2.

Now that you are in Year 3 you will be taking on new challenges and learning new skills. Miss Patel knows that you will always try your best and have the resilience to keep trying when you are struggling.

We look forward to witnessing your fantastic attitude towards your learning.

In Year 3 we are authors, mathematicians, scientist, explorers, problem solvers and so much more!
As moving up to the juniors can be daunting, we will always aim to make your learning engaging, fun and purposeful with lots of fun learning opportunities.

We look forward to a happy and successful year ahead where the children
grow in their learning and themselves.

[ultimate_info_table design_style=”design04″ color_scheme=”green” package_heading=”Year 3″ package_sub_heading=”Topic and Science Tables 2018 – 2019″]

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Stone age to the iron age The UK and land use

Extreme Earth

Extreme Earth

Ancient Egypt

Animals including Humans


Forces and Magnets



Scientists and Inventors


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Last Updated On March 10, 2018